Price & Size Guide

Welcome to my price & size guide, along with all other information that you will require to purchase a portrait of your beautiful pet. In order to secure a commission, a 50% deposit of the full retail price is required, this is non-refundable. Should you need to contact me, my email address is You can also contact me via my Facebook art page . "

A 50% deposit secures your portrait commission!

Small Sizes

Price | Single Subject

9" x 12"
22cm x 33cm
Single Subject | Head & Chest
£400 GBP
$492 USD
€449 EURO
$654 CAD
11" x 14"
25cm x 35cm
Single Subject | Head & Chest
£440 GBP
$541 USD
€494 EURO
$719 CAD
12" x 12"
33cm x 33cm
Square - Single Subject | Head & Chest
£470 GBP
$578 USD
€525 EURO
$768 CAD

Medium Sizes

Price | Single Subject

Price | Two Subjects

12" x 16"
30cm x 40cm
Perfect for Single Head & Chest, Double, Triple and Full Body Portraits
£550 GBP
$676 USD
€617 EURO
$899 CAD
£600 GBP
$738 USD
€673 EURO
$981 CAD
14" x 14"
35cm x 35cm
Perfect for Single, Double and Triple Portraits
$763 USD
€696 EURO
$1014 CAD
£700 GBP
$861 USD
€786 EURO
$1145 CAD
14" x 17"
35cm x 43cm
Perfect for Single, Double and Triple Portraits
£800 GBP
$984 USD
€898 EURO
$1309 CAD
£1000 GBP
$1230 USD
€1123 EURO
$1636 CAD
Square - 16" x 16"
40cm x 40cm
Head & Chest, Double & Triple Portraits
£1,100 GBP
$1354 USD
€1235 EURO
$1800 CAD
££1,500 GBP
$1846 USD
€1685 EURO
$2455 CAD

Large Sizes

Price | Single Subject

Price | Two Subjects

16" x 22"
40cm x 55cm
Perfect for Single, Full Body, Double+ Portraits
£2,000 GBP
$2462 USD
€2247 EURO
$3272 CAD
£2,700 GBP
$3324 USD
€3034 EURO
$4418 CAD
Landscape 13" x 30" Perfect for Laying Dog Compositions, Triple and Quadruple Portraits Contact me for more information  

How to order

  • Photos - please email your favourite photo/photos of your pet, they must be clear photos showing the true colour of your pets fur, (the more detailed the better), eye images must be clear and visible. Please note because of my waiting list I don't need photos when you book, photos are required one month before I start your commission.
  • Size - confirm the size you would like your portrait
  • When? - indicate when you would like the portrait completed. Please note, there is a waiting list and this situation changes on a daily basis, I will confirm timescales based on the current status.
  • Deposit - Once the above has been discussed and agreed, a deposit of 50% is required to secure your space with me, deposits should be paid through paypal or bank transfer, whichever option is preferred. That's it! Your booking is confirmed with me, and I look forward to drawing your much loved pet.

If you're intrested in booking a wildlife commission please send me an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss further or simply fill in this form

Good Reference Photos
Lovely clear eyes, true fur colour and great lighting

Price List Good Reference 1
Price List Good Reference 2
Price List Good Reference 3

Bad Reference Photos
These photos are too dark, too far away and blurry

Price List Bad Reference 1
Price List Bad Reference 2
Price List Bad Reference 3

Postage Information

For your piece of mind, I will ensure that your commission portrait arrives with you in a perfect condition. If there is a problem with loss or damage, a full refund or replacement is always offered. Prints of originals are sent in reinforced cardboard sleeves with protective packaging . All goods are shipped with business cards and compliments slips and wrapped in tissue paper for protection.

Within the UK, originals are sent via Courier for next day special delivery service and are fully insured . A tracking reference is always given with this, you will be provided this information on dispatch, so you will know exactly when to expect your delivery. International commissions are sent as requesting a signature on delivery and are also insured against damage up to the value of £500. Please allow for 2-3 weeks delivery time (depending on your location overseas) when ordering outside the EU you may be liable to a customs charge on delivery , percentage rates vary from country to country so please check with your governments policy on such issues. please be aware that I have no control over such matters and can't accept any responsibility for this. Below you will find a table of sizes and their relevant prices, if you are from a different country to those listed, you can also find a direct link to google currency converter to see the price in your specific currency. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future to arrange further details on your commission piece. Note: All prices are for single subject portraits, please contact me for information on prices for combinations of subjects.

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